LiveJasmine Credit Hack

People don’t believe that it’s possible to create working unofficial software for video chat sites. Well, they think it’s impossible because they have never visited our page! is gladly to present you one of the most wanted applications in recent years. Now, it is finally possible to enjoy all the features LiveJasmine includes without any additional fees. LiveJasmine Hack is the tool that will give you any amount of tokens you want. If you found some interesting live cam star and you wish to watch it longer, then this is your chance! 


Before we provide you the historical background of creating of LiveJasmine Hack, let’s focus on the web page itself. Founded in 2011, LiveJasmine is the most popular webcam web page, where amateurs can livestream their performances. It is a page for adults only since there is only pornographic content. Thanks to introduction of tokens, special currency available in the game, you can reward your favourite streamers. These tokens can be easily converted into real money, so it is quite profitable for more popular “amateur” performers. If you ever visited the page, you know how quality service it is, so it is safe to say that they will surely provide you with everything you need. So now, let’s take a second and show you why LiveJasmine Credit Hack is the best choice!

First of all, let’s say a few words regarding the tool. Why did we create it? It’s quite simple, actually. To be honest, we ourselves liked to watch performers but the problem with tokens have always been pain in the neck. You couldn’t enjoy watching your favourites because after a while you had to purchase this virtual currency and spend your real money just to have some kind of communication with your “streamer”. Fortunately, we graduated from the IT university, where we learned how to program applications. Thanks to that knowledge and the experience we gained before, it was possible to make LiveJasmine Hack, which is the first and the only application at this point that can give you free tokens.

About Token Generator

Tokens, as we mentioned before, are premium currency and they can be gained by streaming and getting donations from viewers. However, this method includes performing and not everyone can do that just to watch others. The second method includes using our application, LiveJasmine Credit Hack that is. The most important element of our application concerns tokens generator. Thanks to that you will do anything you want, with no limitations whatsoever. Except for already mentioned functions, we made sure that our application is safe by installing special scripts that will camouflage your activity and give you all the protection you need. If you are fed up with purchasing tokens for real money, use our tool and enjoy them for free! All in all, our goal was to deliver the highest quality application that will be compatible with any mobile device and with any operating system. We believe we did that! Down below, we have also prepared for you some feedback from satisfied customers.


hey guys I just want to let you know you are my favourites, love you <3  

My fav channel will be filled with tons of tokens now, maybe she will come to see me in real life thanks to that, let’s hope! 

There was a special lady, who would just totally drive me crazy and I just needed to give her some tokens for interesting things. Thanks to you I finally can, thanks!